At AdLo Marketing, our marketing agency will provide all you need to successfully market your brand. Our services include:

Consulting & Management

AdLo Marketing Group prides itself on being the best marketing management firm your brand could ever need. We manage every aspect of your marketing every step of the way, ensuring that your brand is capitalizing on every opportunity to grow.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the leading tools that businesses in this age use to generate more customers and to propel their sales to new heights. We leverage the use and power of social media to entertain, educate , and enlighten your customers while promoting your brand in the best way.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly known, is using various strategies to ensure that a website appears high on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and BING. AdLo uses the latest strategies in make sure your brand ranks high for relative keywords for you industry.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a proven strategy to utilize email to guide potential customers through your marketing cycle. We utilize all regulatory techniques to cultivate an organic list of potential buyers who are interested in your product, and effectively send the right emails to seal the deal.

Advertising & Public Relations

Looking to advertise through more traditional means? We have you covered there too! Our PR team works hand in hand with our Graphic Designers to create eye catching ads and to reach the proper outlets to get the right exposure to your brand and products.

Graphic & Web Design

From simple informational sites to full ecommerce sites and everything in between, AdLo brings you the top website designers hard at work to give your brand the best presence online!

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"Our goal with AdLo is, and has always been, to give our clients a peace of mind and security in knowing that they don't have to worry about marketing their brand."

Cassius Adkison, President & CEO, AdLo Marketing Group


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Our Careers

AdLo Marketing is growing! If you'd like to be a part of a great company geared towards helping businesses succeed, take a look at the opportunities available with AdLo Marketing Group!