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Let’s Talk Social Media: Facebook Pt. 2

In our last blog, we discussed basic facts about Facebook, such as how they gauge businesses facebook usersinteraction, and the restrictions that they have for business pages posting organic, or unpaid, posts.
We also discussed tips on how to budget your Facebook promotions and how to get the most reach organically. In this post, we’re gonna focus on the best way in interact with your audience, how to stay relevant on social media, and social media practices to avoid.

How Are You Using Facebook?

Let’s begin with discussing what most businesses get completely wrong when dealing with Facebook. The common belief is that the main focus should be the number of “likes” your page receives. I think this is where most businesses get social facebook businessmedia marketing COMPLETELY wrong. I understand the mindset behind it, more likes means more prospects, and when I first dove into social media marketing, I subscribed to the same thought process. But to successfully market yourself on Facebook or any social media platform, this can’t be where your focus is. Whether your page has 2 or 200 likes, the key to successful marketing on any social media platform is INTERACTION. Engaging your fans, answering questions, sharing interesting articles and content, even giving a tip or two related to your industry is the single best practice for being triumphant in social media marketing. As you know by now, part of successfully running any business is to have patience, and the same is true with social media marketing. It’s truly a marathon, and the more your fans see you as an interactive business, the more they will share your content, and the more users you will potentially draw in.

Your Content is King

So, is there a key, a formula perhaps, to posting great content? Well like most business practices, of course there is! However, the key isn’t to become a robot with the content you post on Facebook. Readers like to see genuine content, links that will make them think, laugh, or really help them in some way. So instead of thinking of a “formula” to posting engaging content, rather think of what I’m about to share as general guidelines on what you should post to highly engage with your followers.

Remember: The key is to be interactive. Don't be a megaphone, shouting your information all the time.
Remember: The key is to be interactive. Don’t be a megaphone, shouting your information all the time.

Industry Tip!: Most successful marketing companies, including us here at AdLo, follow the 411 Rule as a guideline for managing social media posts. The 411 Rule is posting 4 educational or entertaining posts for every 1 post generally promoting your business (like an event or new blog) and 1 post directly promoting and hard selling your product or services. The biggest mistake I see brands making on social media, especially Facebook, is that they spend all day and countless posts showcasing their product and telling people to buy. Never once do they engage their audience, pose questions, offer tips or general advice on their industry, or even respond to comments! If you don’t get anything else from this blog, PLEASE remember: No one on social media wants to see you just advertising all the time! Be creative with your posts, and watch your engagement expand!

Consistency is the Key

Staying relevant on social media, whether it be Facebook or any other platform is extremely important to marketing your brand successfully. The key to staying relevant is ultimately consistently posting engaging content. Being respectful to customers, working diligently to resolve issues, and showing genuine interest to every user are a few of the general rules of thumb when it comes to successful Facebook marketing. More often than I’d like to, I’ve witnessed local entrepreneurs being rude, stand-offish, and in some cases confrontational to customers and general users on Facebook. You have to always keep in mind: when promoting online or anywhere else, your purpose is to attract. You need their business and their money, and no one will pay someone who is negative towards them. Whether they are right or wrong, being respectful and genuinely pleasant can take you such a long way!
Ultimately, marketing on Facebook should be treated as any other facet of your business. The most successful businesses on Facebook are diligent, post a variety of engaging content, and most of all, interact frequently with their followers and fans. Focus on the fans you have, and they will gladly share your content and your business with others.
Until Next Time Entrepreneurs,
Cassius Adkison
CEO, Lead Consultant, AdLo Marketing Group

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