Marketing 101: “What Are You Doing to Promote Your Brand?”

developing a strategic marketing plan is crucial to the success of any business
developing a strategic marketing plan is crucial to the success of any business

Marketing is by far one of the most important things you will ever do for your brand. When you think about it, your business is mainly composed of two factors: offering a quality product/service to your customers, and getting customers through the door. You could have the most innovative product out, or offer the highest quality service at the lowest price, but if no one knows you exist then you probably won’t be in business that long. In our last blog, we went over the type of mindset you should have when thinking of an effective marketing strategy. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What would you like to see? What attracts you as a customer? That thought is the basis for successfully promoting your product, service, or business. Spam, pressure tactics, and outdated marketing practices are rarely the way to go to effectively get yourself out there.
When you plan and develop a strategy for marketing your business, you first must decide whether you’ll be utilizing Inbound or Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing is the most traditional method that is widely known and used. Normally, when an entrepreneur thinks of marketing, their first ideas are part of outbound marketing. This method is best defined as simply going after your customers directly. Commercials, flyers, brochures, TV and radio ads, email blasts, cold calls, and D2D/B2B sales are all part of Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing, in contrast, is the method in which you focus on bringing customers in, rather than going out and getting their attention. This method is focused primarily online, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and blogging. The focus of Inbound Marketing is to make your business easier to find online, and producing interesting content that naturally raises the interest in prospective customers. Inbound Marketing is progressively becoming the more popular approach, with more businesses opting to earn the attention of customers rather than interrupting their daily lives. Choosing whether to use Inbound or Outbound Marketing, or elements of both, all depends on your business type and ultimately, your personal preference.
An effective marketing strategy ultimately revolves around the ability to relate to your customers. Making sure your tactics evolve with the shopping and buying habits of your customers is key to increasing your visibility and your customer base. With the wide popularity and usefulness of the internet, businesses have seen a major shift in their customers, and the most successful ones made sure to transition their business online with their customers. In upcoming posts, we’ll discuss creating a significant online footprint and how to get your prospects to notice you over the web! Stay tuned!

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